COVID 19 Informational Page

Paris Union School District No. 95 is working in partnership with the the Illinois Department of Public Health (IDPH) and the Illinois State Board of Education (ISBE) to ensure we are providing the most current resources and guidance to support our students, schools, and community. This website serves as a central spot for all communication between Paris 95 and our families. If you have any questions, please contact Dr. Jeremy Larson at 217-264-0835 or jlarson@paris95.k12.il.us. 

Letters to Families

Communication is going out frequently to families in an effort to keep them informed. All letters are attached below and dated so that families can keep track of the updates chronologically. 

Remote Learning Plans

Paris Union School District No. 95 is implementing remote learning plans for all schools. We recognize this learning is not the same as being at school. Students will all earn a "pass" on their report card for participating in these activities. The school will automically document "pass" on the report card, unless a parent contacts the school to inform us a child is not working. If the student is refusing to work at home, please let the teacher know so that we can hold a teleconference and identify different learning activities for home. 

All K-8 learning plans are as follows: 

  1. I-Ready Learning 
  2. IXL Learning 
  3. Resources from each school website - Click "Menu", then click on "Students".
  4. Choice Boards - Below are choice boards with activities that require no technology. 
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First Grade
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Second Grade
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Third Grade
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Fourth Grade
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Fifth Grade
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Sixth Grade
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Seventh Grade
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Eighth Grade
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Frequently Asked Questions


  • Will we have the 8th grade recognition ceremony? It is highly unlikely we will have an in-person traditional ceremony this year due to the CDC guidelines. We are discussing and planning ways to celebrate our 8th grade students in a safe manner that does not put our community at risk. An announcement on events will occur after we have guidance from the Governor and the Illinois State Board of Education about if school is closed for the month of May.
  • Will we have an 8th grade trip? Due to the virus and CDC guidelines, we will not be able to take our students to a large setting, such as Holiday World. We will be looking at ways to celebrate our 8th grade students and their accomplishments. More information about 8th grade celebrations will come out after we know if schools are open or closed for the month of May along with reviewing guidance from the CDC and the Illinois Health Department. 


  • What is the plan for retentions and promotions? Any student that was flagged by the end of third quarter as a possible retention will be contacted in the month of April to let them know they will be retained. Fourth quarter grades will not count towards retention nor promotion. If you have a question or concern, please contact Dr. Larson at 217-264-0835.
  • I am worried my child is going to get behind. What should I do? If your child spends time on I-Ready each day, they will not get behind. I-Ready is ranked the number one intervention in the nation to support students in reading and math. Time spent on I-Ready is based on the grade level of your child. Please follow the time chart provided to parents to know how much time your child should spend on this activity each day.
  • My child is refusing to work at home or states they have nothing to do academically. What should I do? Every student has work to do at home. If you do not know what your child is supposed to be doing, please contact your child’s teacher by email. All emails are on the school website. If your child is refusing to work, you should talk with them, encourage them to work, and if they still refuse, you should discipline them.
  • What is required of my child daily in terms of academic work? A chart has been provided with the amount of time your child should spend each day completing learning activities. See the chart below. The best activity your child can do to improve academic skills is I-Ready.

  • My child is not responding to e-learning. They do better with paper. What should I do? Contact Dr. Larson at Jlarson@Paris95.k12.il.us or 217-264-0835. He will provide you a paper workbook for your child’s grade level.
  • Does the school have a suggested schedule for my child to follow each day? A schedule for each child and family is going to be different based upon the number of children you have, your work schedule, and the resources you have in your home. Traditionally, students learn best before lunch. Additionally, understand that your child has a short attention span based upon their age. For example, on average, a middle school student can only pay attention for 15 minutes at a time.
  • What is the plan for next year to make up the learning all students have lost? At the start of the school year, all students will be assessed with a diagnostic test to see where they are academically. Classroom teachers will accommodate their lessons to adjust their instruction for the needs of the students. Priority skills will be taught and reviewed so that students have the foundational skills they need to be successful.
  • As a parent, am I required to report back to the teacher regarding if my child passed or is incomplete? No. All students will be marked as “Pass” on their report card for fourth quarter. Parents are only asked to let us know if your child is refusing to work. If they are refusing to work, we will talk you through solutions and provide different learning activities for the home.
  • My child is straying to other website like YouTube Kids instead of doing their e-learning. What should I do? Talk to your child about your expectations. Let your child know the consequences for not following your directions, and discipline your child if they continue to not abide.
  • My child is concerned about AR points. What should we do? AR points will not count as a grade this quarter.
  • Will homework be collected? No homework has been assigned to students. Students were provided online and paper activities to complete at home. These activities will not be collected by the teachers nor graded based upon state guidance. If you need the answer guide or would like feedback on your child’s performance, please contact your child’s teacher.

Special Education

  • My child has a disability and is struggling with learning at home. What should I do? Contact your child’s case manager. The case manager can assist you with finding solutions for home. If your child has an IEP, you should be getting contacted twice a week by a paraprofessional from the school district. This paraprofessional can also guide you with advice and solutions to help with learning at home.


  • Will food be offered in May if school is closed? Yes. Paris 95 will continue to offer food to students throughout the regular scheduled school year.
  • If school reopens, will there be protocols in place to keep our students safe? We believe it is highly unlikely school will reopen this school year. If it does, we will follow all guidelines provided to us by the Illinois Department of Public Health, CDC, and Illinois State Board of Education.


  • I cannot get the hotspot to work at my house. How do I fix this? A computer must be within 25 feet of the hotspot in order to connect. Chromebooks will connect automatically to the hotspot. If your chromebook does not, please contact Dr. Larson at 217-264-0835. He will assist you. 

High School

  • Several questions have been received regarding high school graduation, May Fete, prom, and driver’s education. The administrators have been busy discussing these topics and working to find solutions. Before we make an announcement, we are waiting on information from the Governor and the Illinois State Board of Education. Currently, school has not yet been cancelled for May. Additionally, the Illinois State Board of Education stated they are going to provide guidance on high school topics to assist schools in planning. At this time, this guidance document has not been released to schools. Before we make announcements, we want to ensure we have all the facts before we make announcements.